17 Sep 2010

2 worlds


I'm waiting outside the door. I know I don't belong in there. So I'll just wait, patiently.... until you're willing to go out, and play with me ^^ 

But I won't be here forever.

Hope i'd still be sittin' around when you open the door. But if you just found an empty spot that used to be mine, please oh please bookmark me in your memory :) 

Nothing's changed. It's just that we have a paralel world. Again.  



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1 komentar:

de asmara mengatakan...

...hmmm, it's not really about cat, actually :P

btw, see u guys on the next 10 days! WISH ME & MY HUBBY LUCK! *lebih heboh dari sukarelawan yg mo pergi perang ke Israel*