22 Okt 2015

Sewindu with you

You were my first. First to be owned. First to deeply fell in love with.

My comfy sanction from the cruelty of the outside world. My little cutie heavenly place to go insane, to be myself, to do whatever pleased me without worrying from being judged.

These past 8 years...you, and none other but you and you only, have witnessed all the bursting tears, all the joyful laughters, and story by story of every single soul that lives in you, my dear. Oh, how I love you dearly....

The fact that now I have to leave you, not because I've stopped loving you. If only I could hold and take you along in this new journey ahead, for crying out loud I would. But..... how shall that possible?

People always say, if you don't wanna get too attached on something, never put a name on 'em. I guess they made their point. Or really?

Whether I gave you (or not) a name, how can one deny all the histories we embrace together, from the day I marry le husband, to the day I'm a mother of two, and every single days in between.

By us here, I meant the Asmaras. And by the Asmaras, I meant you're included.

You're not a house, you're a home. You're not only a home, you're our family.

Till we meet again, ............Aven. Hope they take best care of you. My heart will always goes with you. Always. It's not a goodbye :' )

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3 komentar:

Tyka Adiem mengatakan...

looks like a very lovely home. mau pindah kemana? aku baru aja pindah ke Jakarta nih.

de asmara mengatakan...

pindahnya masih Jakarta juga sih Tik, ninggalin si Aven ini aja yang berat. Maklum, over sentimentil, over melankolis, drama queen, dan cengeng...
eh sekarang tinggal dimananya di jakarta?

Tyka Adiem mengatakan...

saat ini sih masih di belakang Plaza Festival yak. Smoga bs seterusnya di daerah sini. Lumayan deket sama kantor Suami di Gatsu. Bisalah doi jalan kaki kalo kepepet, hahaha.....

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